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The attacking team’s objective is to lay siege to the castle
whilst getting in and grabbing the flag from the throne before
the 10-minute time limit is up. Attackers must work as a team,
to find a way in and still have enough players left to engage the
defenders within the walls. Use smoke grenades to hide your
approach, as well as throw them into the castle through the
windows to disorient the defenders. This will allow substantial numbers of your teammates to get inside and the use of frag
particularly thrown into the towers, will help get
rid of the defenders.

Defenders of the crown win the game by holding the attacking hordes back for 10-minutes - but only with one life. If the siege party’s team gets into the castle, Close Quarter Battles will follow, which means that you will have to keep your nerve and control your fear - making sure that you keep control of the stairs with overwhelming firepower and frag grenades.

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