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Best Paintballing Near Me

Are you searching on Google “Best paintballing near me?”

Then stop your search and see what we have to offer! Nothing beats running around in the great outdoors whilst paintballing with your mates, and if you want the ultimate experience, you’ve come to the right place.

At Powerball Outdoor Activities Ltd we’re much more than your standard paintballing game zone. Instead of makeshift areas that make for a lackluster experience, we have built both our sites with adrenaline and fun in mind.


We are the elite when it comes to paintballing and we want you to have an epic day you’ll never forget. Whether you want to plan something fun for the summer, a stag do, college outing or anything else, we can cater to your needs every single time.

Our prices are more than reasonable and we’re always happy to throw in lunch if you want to make it a full day event. We have plenty of parking at both our Bournemouth and Alton sites, and our teams are on hand to show you the ropes and get you set up so you can have an unforgettable day.

Don’t delay any longer, book your next paintballing with us today!

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