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Bournemouth game zones
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The Gates Of Mordor

Do you have what it takes to get “The One Ring” through the Gates of Mordor? The Gates are heavily defended and it takes good teamwork and bravery to get the ring into Mount Doom to destroy it. A grenade thrown into the towers will certainly help though.

The Bunker

To win this game your team needs to dominate the entire field. You need to flush out the enemy team from their command bunker to gain control of their end of the field while ensuring that your own bunker remains safe in your team’s hands.

Death Valley

Your team needs to have control of the centre of the field at the end of the game to win. Do you play defensively or push a force along the sides of the valley? Do you go all out at the start and try and keep possession of the centre of the game, or do you attack towards the end of the game.

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The Bridge

In this scenario, your team must transport an ammo box across our bridge and into a hut to win. The box requires two people to carry it, so team work is vital to ensure you reach the objective. Expect to find an intense game on this field.

Mayan Jungle

Test your intellect as well as your trigger finger. The attacking team must find five puzzle pieces hidden amongst the pyramids. They then have to complete the deceptively simple puzzle all while under fire from the defending team. The teams then swap roles and it starts all over again.

Chemical Alley

With the playing area strewn with containers filled the non-volatile H20, your team must eliminate the opposition to secure victory. The containers offer excellent cover, but don't get complacent as there are plenty of opportunities to be out-flanked.

Bottom strip